I was lucky enough to be gifted with a pretty cool opportunity to have my makeup done by Jayne Hyde of Jayna Marie Makeup and Hair this past Tuesday.  Just by fluke I was able to catch her on a day off where she asked for a transformation Tuesday model and she picked me- because I was nominated by a friend and because I’m about 100 weeks pregnant with my second baby.

What a fun experience! I went in totally cool with whatever she wanted to do and let me tell you- I went from drab to FAB with both my makeup and hair.  It’s funny when you do everyone else’s makeup all of the time and then someone else does yours.  I find that I’m very hesitant in letting people touch my face- only because I’ve become so picky with how I like myself done up that I have trust issues allowing someone else to do me up! What a shocker when I looked in the mirror and saw this crazy different bold and dramatic look staring back at me!

A lot of people don’t realize how much makeup it actually takes on your face when you’re getting a professional photograph taken.  I have come to accept that you need to spend some good coin to get set up with proper lighting to not only enhance your clients face but also the different depths of the makeup look you’ve created for them to shine properly.  At first I was a little taken aback with the level of contour and darkness of the makeup- but once I saw the picture of myself with the proper lighting I was just amazed! I haven’t felt that dramatically beautiful in a long time- not to say that I don’t feel pretty on a normal basis (I try my best to constantly provide myself with positive feedback on my looks) but this took everything to a whole new level.

I think it’s totally worth it to have glam shots.  Seeing now what I can become is so invigorating and sparks so much passion in wanting to create something like that for another person that I just can’t wait to do it to someone else and pay it forward!

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