Spring is here and Wedding Season has Arrived!

Well we are only in the beginning of May and already things are starting to pick up quickly for me.  Special Event makeup and Bridal Trials are all booked and ready to go from now until October! I am really excited to start some new projects as recently I’ve been asked to help teach people how to apply their own makeup to update their looks.  I am glad people are appreciative of what I can accomplish as a makeup artist and have the confidence for me to help them  elevate their daily look.

I was also turned on to a great page on Facebook by an excellent makeup artist named Kevin James Bennett called In My Kit.  This page has offered a lot of insight into how makeup has been trending lately with the heavy caked on look versus a more skin focused natural makeup look.  I think it’s good to note that sometimes what we see on social media- Instagram in particular- is way above what a person would wear on a daily basis out in the normal world.  It is hard to decipher what to do when people who have millions of followers trend so heavily and have such a great influence on what every day people think is a normal look.

So! Onward to this busy season of beautiful women and blogging I go.  See you soon!


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