Slump to Savage!

Hi Everyone!

I haven’t written in here in a little while- life kind of got in the way and also lets be honest, this is just writing primarily for my own fun anyway lol.  My winter/Christmas season this year was not as packed as I would have liked to have seen.  This is the first year where I was actually incredibly slow for some inexplicable reason. I got into a bit of a funk about the lack of clientele. Usually my winters are a time where I’ve had to juggle clients, but this year was just a little different from previous years.

My New Year 2017

I went into the New Year with higher hopes.  I had a feeling things were going to pick up in a big way and lo and behold- I was not off my rocker! I’ve had multiple clients book for spring, summer and fall events which is amazing! Going into this spring season I’m gearing up to hopefully continue to grow my business upward and I am really excited to show my great results with everyone on here as they become available!