Summer is on FIRE!

I love makeup, I really do. As an artist you need to know where your strengths and weaknesses are.  It is incredibly humbling and informative. On occasion faces don’t go as planned or hair do’s just don’t meet your own high expectations. I have really had to sit down and take time to remember that without mistakes or errors your learning never progresses.

This summer gears up to be my most packed and exciting year yet.  I have to remind myself to strive to learn and practice more to provide the best service I can each and every time I go to work. I always try to do my very best but life throws the odd curveball at me occasionally.  With any job there are ups and downs to what you do.  This platform just happens to be the most visible!

Keep researching, practicing and learning. New trends, products and techniques in makeup artistry provide each client with the best possible outcome to enhance themselves.

I can’t thank every person I’ve worked with enough for the great opportunity I get to experience with them every time I walk into their lives!