Well this year has certainly picked up for me in a big way.  After I graduated in September from Blanche MacDonald, it was time to get my rear in gear and start doing what I love to do- making people look beautiful for special occasions.  Slowly but surely over the last 9 months, I have steadily grown my clientele and have completed four weddings and a lot of special occasion makeup looks for my business.  Building Oh My Gloss has been a bit of work granted I am only doing it part time, however, I’ve had some amazing help from friends to get me to a point where I can see my work paying off and word of mouth spreading to gain more business in the coming year.

I’m happy to say I have a wedding booked for 2016 already and hopefully more on the horizon.  This will also mark an interesting time for me because I am just about to have another baby! Juggling one little person has been trying at times and now that there will be two- well a whole new adventure is about to begin! I’m dedicated to being a great mom but a working one at that! It’s vital to me to be able to continue to grow in an ever changing field and I look forward to the challenges to come!

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