This past year has brought a lot of crazy life changing moments for me.  My son turned 1, I got to visit Hawaii for the first time in my life, and oh ya I decided to give up my day job to become the makeup artist I have always wanted to be.  It wasn’t an easy decision let me tell you! I decided to go back to school to update my skills in the makeup world because so many things have changed since I was 18 years old and took a course at Blanche MacDonald Centre for the first time.  I was able to learn and refine my skills working with hair, different ethnicities and different avenues of makeup application from bridal and fashion to funky airbrushing.

Ringing in 2015 also brought me into learning how to begin to develop myself as a business oriented person.  I won’t lie- there is a big learning curve when you move to the online world and how much small businesses struggle with coming up with ideas that set you apart and also the pure financial strain of starting fresh.  I’ve been so blessed to have friends in my life who have generously donated their time to getting me started building a webpage and designing new cards to move me into a more professional arena.  I truly cannot say thank you enough.

I am SO looking forward to what this new year of opportunity will bring my business.  I have already had a great end to 2014 with weddings and parties- here’s to all the exciting things coming up throughout this new and wonderful year!



Oh My Gloss

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